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She’s Got a Complexion Like…Strawberries and Cream?!

Strawberries and cream

Game, set and match! It’s that Wimbledon time of year again, which gives us all an excuse to don our tennis whites, slump in front of the telly, drink Pimms and eat bowl after bowl of strawberries and cream! But did you know that strawberries are actually really good for the complexion?

As well as being utterly delicious, these shiny ruby red fruits are completely packed with vitamin C, which means that they naturally fight free radicals – those nasty environmental ageing factors which destroy collagen and steal all the oxygen from healthy cells. Add to that, they’re a fantastic source of dietary fibre, so they don’t just ‘keep you regular’ but help to expel all the toxins from your body, thus helping to prevent pimples, while the folic acid content works to boost new cell production. How many other foods do you know of which feel like an indulgence while being incredibly good for you?


The thing is, strawberries aren’t just good for you when you eat them; they also work wonders when applied to the skin. It might seem like a waste of perfectly good fruit when there’s so much eating to be done, but just a couple of berries can do the world of good.

Top Five Benefits of Using Strawberries on the Skin

  • Anti-ageing. Thanks to the ellagic acid – a powerful antioxidant – content, strawberries can help stop the formation of fine lines and wrinkles by preventing the destruction of collagen.
  • Anti-acne. The main cause of acne is a build-up of sebum; the natural oil found in the skin. The acid in strawberries helps to gently clear sebum, while the seeds work as an exfoliant and unblock pores.
  • Anti-oil. If you have trouble with greasy skin strawberries can help. How? See above!
  • Anti-sunburn. Ellagic acid doesn’t just prevent free-radical damage, but can also help to provide UV protection. Obviously, don’t go neglecting your sun block when it’s really bright out, but use strawberry power to give your skin an extra boost.
  • Anti-scars and blemishes. If you have any dark patches on your skin, whether old acne scars, age spots, or under-eye shadows, strawberries contain lightening properties which can help to improve the tone of your skin.

So, you’ve read all about the ways in which strawberries can help you, now do you fancy a couple of recipes to get your new beauty regime started?

How to Make a Strawberry Face Mask

Strawberry and honey face mask

  1. Mush two or three strawberries to a pulp
  2. Stir in a small amount of honey to make a smooth paste
  3. Smooth the mixture gently onto your face and relax for 5 to 10 minutes, however long you feel comfortable
  4. Gently rinse with warm water, then splash on some cold water to tighten the pores. Pat dry.

For extra hydration for dry skin you can add some cream to the mix, or if you want to tackle blemishes trying adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice – about a teaspoon will do.

How to Make a Strawberry Facial Scrub

Strawberry Facial Scrub

  1. Start with 100g of sugar
  2. Blend in one tablespoon of coconut oil
  3. Chop up two fresh, ripe strawberries and mash them into the sugar mix until completely combined
  4. Dampen your face and gently rub the mix onto your skin in a circular motion. Leave to dry for a minute or two, then rinse with warm water followed by a splash of cold. Pat dry.

As for the cream, well, Cleopatra infamously bathed in ass’s milk and is said to have had a complexion to die for, but unless you have a hoard of servants to carry pails of diary-fresh single cream up to fill your bath tub, a good moisturiser will do just as well!

And speaking of good moisturisers, we have a rather delicious organic one in the Naturally Made For You shop! Created from a luxurious blend of shea and cocoa butters with olive, flax and sunflower oils, this gorgeous hand and body lotion is as nourishing as strawberries and as indulgent as cream. Available in Grapefruit & Lime and Rose & Lavender, it will also leave you smelling a whole lot better than a bath of cream!

Watching Wimbledon can be a stressful affair – Andy Murray doesn’t like to perform without drama! – so why not give yourself a little pamper in between matches? Our version of strawberries and cream is certainly kinder to the waistline!

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