Kadifa Jones

I created Naturally Made for You as a solution to my own real life personal experiences, my name is Kadifa Jones, and I’m the founder of Naturally Made for You.

I have a slightly unusual approach to the beauty market, and am a self confessed tap-dancing, computer programming football fanatic, with a passion for natural beauty – not your average beauty professional!

At our core we believe in creating beautiful products which will make you feel fantastic, without harming the environment or anything in it and fundamentally in doing things right for the right reasons. That is why Naturally Made for You have never tested on animals and why they never will.

We hope soon to be accredited with the Leaping Bunny stamp of approval by Cruelty Free International on all of our products, which will certify Naturally Made for You to be free from animal tests under the International Humane Cosmetics and Household Products Standards.

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention and in the case of Naturally Made For You it began with a product that was naturally made for me, for my curly hair and my eczema. Unable to find the right solutions in the high street stores, I found myself running out of options. Rather than give up I decided to try making my own products, and Naturally Made For You was created.

Naturally Made for You has become an award winning natural and organic skincare brand. The brands mission is to provide a range of luxury skincare products with integrity, which are gorgeous to use, leave you feeling pampered, with nourished, clearer, smoother skin, that is exquisitely fragranced. Beautiful, natural, effective; that is what Naturally Made for You is all about.