Hosting the Ultimate Baby Shower with a Naturally Made For You Pamper Party

Hosting the Ultimate Baby Shower with a Naturally Made For You Pamper Party

Manjus pamper party - foot massage

Naturally Made For You were absolutely amazing. They made feel relaxed and pampered in the comfort of my home – Manju Gorsia

Baby showers are always special, but they can be a little bit…samey? That’s why Manju Gorsia called Naturally Made For You in conjunction with Mother Nature’s Recipes into help!

We try our best to make every NMFY Pamper Party an evening to remember, but when it’s arranged to mark a truly special occasion it always puts a spring in our step and gets our creative juices flowing. When Manju called to ask if we could handle her baby shower, the team set to work in an instant.

Imagine a party where you don’t have to do a thing:
Your guests arrive, someone else looks after them.
Entertainment is needed, someone else arranges it.
Activities need to be organised, someone else takes control.
And to top it all off, there are massages for all.

Manju's Pamper Party

It feels a bit like being Queen for the night…Or at least that’s the idea.

On an afternoon in March to celebrate the impending birth of her second baby, Manju invited twelve of her closest female friends and family members to spend three hours of complete indulgence at the hands of the NMFY team.

With four professional massage therapists in attendance, the pampering began. There were facials, foot massages, hand massages and more, all administered with NMFY’s most luxurious, indulgent and relaxing products. And while each lady waited her turn for her pampering a series of specially tailored activities ensured that boredom wasn’t even a distant thought.

Then, just when it seemed that the evening was at relaxation saturation point, the men descended (back from the pub) and the party began!

With NMFY’s Kadifa at the helm, two hours of merriment ensued. Games were played – Dirty Nappies (not as bad as it sounds!), Drink UP, Baby! (just as bad as it sounds!), Nappy Designer and Baby Shower Bingo, as well as some old party favourites – refreshments were partaken, and a great deal of fun was had by all.

Our golden rule is: what happens on a NMFY Pamper Party, stays on a NMFY Pamper Party, just suffice it to say that you should never play ‘Confessions’ with your mother, and there’s a reason why adults don’t drink from baby bottles!

For us, the best thing about the evening was seeing our mum-to-be shine. ‘The massage therapists were outstanding, all the girls loved their treatments and felt relaxed,’ Manju later said. ‘Kadifa was an amazing host; she tailored the pamper party to my needs… Then once the girls were all pampered the boys joined the party and got involved in the baby shower games, which Kadifa kindly hosted. This took away huge amount of stress from me.’ And that’s really what it’s all about.

Manju's Pamper Party

As we packed up our bags for the evening it was with a real sense of a good job well done. Manju’s guests left happy and relaxed after an evening full of fun, and Manju received a complimentary hamper of NMFY spa treats, to help her relax as much as possible before the baby arrives.

Most importantly of all, however, we left Manju with a host of wonderful memories to look back on as she moves into the very best time of her life.

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Thank you for letting us share your special time with you, Manju. We wish you and your family all of the love and luck in the world. If it’s a girl, have you considered ‘Kadifa’?! 😉

Get in touch if you would like us to host your Pamper Party: or 020 3475 5707

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