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Coconut Oil – The Winter Wonder

Anita Brookes

Customer review by Anita who loves our coconut oil, in particular our Monoi de Tahiti Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil – My Winter Skincare remedy

Anita Brookes – February 2017

After Christmas, my skin was appalling, wasn’t everyone’s? With the exception perhaps Gwyneth Paltrow and the Hemsley sisters.

Mine was suffering from numerous over indulgences, which always happens around the tail end of the year. Too much sugar and alcohol, not enough sleep and exercise, and the added skin enemy; cold dry weather.

Using Coconut oil with regular moisturiser

I have used Coconut Oil on my face for many years, as a cleanser, and a couple of times a week, as a moisture mask, but rarely as a regular specific facial moisturiser.

By mid January I was getting frustrated that all my usual serums and face creams were not having the desired effect, so I begun experimenting with day and night application of Coconut Oil. After cleansing, I’d apply a serum, am using No. 7 Protect and Perfect Advanced at the moment, and then I’d massage in Coconut Oil on top. On top of that would go my foundation.

At bedtime, it would be the same routine, minus the makeup of course.

I’ve been doing this now since mid January, and I’m so delighted that I can’t believe the difference. Hence me sharing it with you.


Apart from the fact that my skin is brighter, lighter, smoother and re-hydrated, I have also discovered that using Coconut Oil just before applying my foundation helps my makeup to glide on smoothly, and has a similar effect to a primer, softening fine lines, giving a dewy glow, and keeping skin moist for hours.

Another discovery I’ve made, to my delight, is that if I need to reapply makeup later in the day for an evening out, rather that washing my face and starting again, I discovered that if I just apply another layer of Coconut Oil, then reapply my makeup, the result is a fresh new face all ready for my evening out.

I’ve waited a few weeks before sharing this as I truly wanted to give it a good long test drive.

I am completely hooked, and I have no doubt, if you try it, you will be too.

I’m using Monoi de Tahiti Coconut Oil. Looking awesome! Smelling even better!

Monoi de Tahiti

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